Frequently Asked Questions

How can I contribute information to the Stafford Families web site?  There are several ways in which you may contribute information.  All methods will require you to attach a file to an eMail and send it to  

1)  The most efficient way is in the family tree defacto standard (Gedcom format).  The Gedcom format is a computer file format that most genealogical software programs will accept as input. 

2)  Another efficient way is to attach an ASCII text file of your family tree that you have entered in your favorite word processing program. 

3)  Fill out the family record form on this web site from information that you have gathered.  These methods are preferred in that it makes it easier and faster for me to make your information available to our family.   Use this form as a template or outline of the information necessary to define our family history.

4)  I would like to see who has signed the guestbook in chronological sequence?

Click on Guestbook.
Click on Check the Registry.
Click on the radio button labeled Sort by Date/Time Entered.
Do not enter anything into the data entry boxes.
Click Submit Query.


Why should I publish my family information? 

This information helps preserve the records of our family in a way that keeps it alive.  The information sent and published is recorded on the Webmaster's computer and backed up to tape or CD-R weekly, it is stored on the host server, and it is available to other family members for downloading to their computers.  The information on our family (family tree, text, pictures, and sound) has a greater chance of being preserved for our children if it is recorded in writing and digitalized.  This web site gives us a method by which to accomplish this task.  Join me in this effort to preserve our family history for our children and their children.

Larry Allen Stafford