John Rutter Stafford's Family

James J.S. Stafford
   John Rutter Stafford's Father and Mother. James J.S. Stafford and Margaret Wagner
John Rutter Stafford
   John Rutter Stafford served in the 36 Virginia Regiment Company I under Captain Gott. (gggrandfather of Larry Allen Stafford)
John Rutter's Family
   Front row (L to R): John Rutter Stafford and Mary Jane Bratton Back row (L to R): Annie, James Michael, Monroe Edward, and Essie Virginia
Monroe Edward Stafford
   abt. 1900
Left Seated: Monroe Edward Stafford
   Personnel in Bane & Hunt's Store, Pulaski, Virginia abt 1893 Seated L - R: Monroe Edward Stafford, A. B. Hunt, Oscar Pryor, Callie Owen, M. D. Adams, Standing: C. J. Moore, W. A. Starrit, L. A. ? Names were listed by M. E. S. on picture in possession of Kenneth M. Parks in 1969.
Monroe Edward Stafford
   Young man
Monroe Edward Stafford
   Monroe Edward Stafford and Carrie Stafford abt 1902.
Garland Reid Stafford
   Garland and Elizabeth, 1953
Garland Reid Stafford
   After wedding of Garland and Elizabeth Stafford, December 23, 1933
Garland Reid Stafford's Family
   Garland's family, 1953 in front of the Lewisville parsonage. (L to R): Garland Reid Stafford, Sophia Elizabeth Turner, Sarah Elizabeth Stafford, and Walter Edward Stafford
Annie Stafford and Harry Peters
James Michael Stafford
Emma Zetta Smith
   Emma Zetta was married to James (Jimmy) Michael Stafford and they lived at Trigg, Virginia. Emma Zetta was with Sallie Williams.
Mary Etta Stafford
   Mary Etta Stafford abt. five years old
Mary Etta Stafford
   Mary Etta Stafford in the Family's Model "T" Ford abt. twenty years old
Mary Etta Stafford
Noble Mason Raines, Sr.
James Michael's Family
   Mary Etta, Edward Luther Haynes (my grandfather), and Alderman Clifton This picture was taken abt. 1889.
Edward Luther Haynes Stafford
   Edward Luther Haynes Stafford [my (Larry Allen Stafford) grandfather]
Edward Luther Haynes Stafford
Alderman Clifton Stafford
   Alderman Clifton Stafford is Edward Luther Haynes Stafford's brother. This picture was taken during World War I, location unknown. It is known that Clifton served in the medical corp in France.
Clifton Stafford and Isabelle Haynes, Dillon, South Carolina abt. 1926
   Words can not explain how I miss him. He meant so much to me and now he is gone. Larry Allen Stafford
Clifton Stafford
Alderman Clifton Stafford
   Larry Allen Stafford's great uncle
John Robert Stafford
   John Robert Stafford (four months old) 1923 My [Larry Allen Stafford] father -
JR Stafford
Annabel Lee Stafford
John Robert Stafford/Betty Jean Collins
   John Robert Stafford and Betty Jean Collins-Stafford. Always known as "JR", he is the son of Edward Luther Haynes and Jesse Savella Combs. "JR" was born at home in Trigg, Virginia. Betty Jean Collins was born in Pound, Virginia. Her father was Melvin Collins and her mother was Ethel Fleming. "JR" and Betty had three children: Larry Allen Stafford, Robert Preston Stafford, and David Glynn Stafford.
Larry Allen Stafford
   Second Row L to R: N. Estuberg, Johnny Rundquist, Mike. Kettelsen, Larry Allen Stafford, Ronald. Mack(Mock?), P. Murray, A. Dick, Ricky. Decker. First Row L to R: E. Allen, C. Schroepfer, Cheree Schroepfer, Cheryl Schroepfer, M. Mueller, Marsha Johnson, Dale Swift, Susan. Nicholas, K. Kirby, Dianne Nelson. Teacher: Mrs. Rhoades These names were sent to my by Linda Harvey-Schumacher of Crofton, Nebraska and Judi Harvey. I can't thank them enough for helping me identify my classmates and teacher. Anyone who knows the first names of the children with initials are asked to write to Larry Allen Stafford at or call 561-391-5878.
Larry Allen Stafford
   My first grade picture taken in Pickstown, South Dakota, 1953.
Robert Preston Stafford
JR Stafford's Children
   Larry Allen Stafford, Robert Preston Stafford, and David Glynn Stafford
James Robert Stafford, 1976
   Born August 25, 1976 to Larry Allen Stafford and Mayra Medina - Stafford.
Patricia Anne Stafford
   Daughter of Larry Allen Stafford and Mayra Medina Stafford


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