The Stafford Family Reunion, 1999

For those of us that were fortunate enough to attend our reunion, this album is for the memories. For those of us that could not attend, I trust that these pictures will give you a glimpse of the wonderful day that all of us shared.

Pearisburg Courthouse Formed in 1806
   Pearisburg Courthouse
Sheriff and Jail
   Pearisburg, Virginia
Angel's Rest
   Nellie Stafford-Gentry and Carolyn Denton in Pearisburg, Virginia with Angel's Rest in the background. The family begins to gather at the foot of Angel's Rest in Pearisburg, Virginia.
Giles County, Virginia
   Giles County Statistics
Staffordsville Post Office
   Larry Allen Stafford and Robert Preston Stafford at the Staffordsville Post Office. Anyone interested in a stamped envelop cancelled August 14, 1999 at the Staffordsville Post Office and signed by Frank E. Brown (married to a Stafford) should contact Larry Allen Stafford at A self-addressed stamped business sized return envelop will be the only cost to family members!
Staffordsville Post Office
   Robert Preston Stafford and Larry Allen Stafford at the Staffordsville Post Office
Staffordsville Cemetery
   View from Staffordsville, Va. Cemetery.
A Family gathering
   A Family gathering for dinner concludes with family discussion and music.
James Michael Stafford and Emma Zetta Smith's Clan
   The family is preparing for the reunion by gathering at a family members home in nearby Princeton, West Virginia. What a lovely day we spent sharing memories, singing timeless hymns, and rekindling family bonds.
Helicopter Ride
   An unexpected treat awaited us when we were whisked away in a helicopter for a "bird's eye" view of the area.
Wesley's Chapel
   Wesley's Chapel View from the cemetery
Reunion Genealogy
   The Stafford family is very proud of its history and before the reunion the genealogist met to spend time gathering and sharing information that was collected throughout the year. Our family is very particular about proof of family relations and detailed documentation of the facts of the lives of those that worked so hard to make a life in America. Our family was a part of making this country great and we are proud of it.
The Service
   Everyone gathered for the service held within Wesley's Chapel.
The Service
   The highlight of the reunion was to come together to worship as our ancestors did during their lifetime. There is no denighing the significance of the community spirit that this family gathering generated.
The Service
   Paster Jo Ellen Heatherington gave an inspiring sermon on the value of love, family and the community. It was wonderfully presented.
The Service
   Paul Dills Stafford,II moderated the ceremonies and Frank Eliott directed us in singing the hymns.
   Our family comes from near and far as pilgrims to their homeland to share in the common bond and ambience of the family reunion. It brings a sense of belonging and peace into life which is anchored in the past yet permeates into our day-to-day lives.


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