Robert C. Carr, Sr. Collection

Robert C. Carr, Sr. Collection Harvey Bowman Stafford Family Pictures (Courtesy of Pamela Carr Kerschner) (Everyone's name preceded by a * was identified by Patrick Irwin Eaton.) Please notify Larry Allen Stafford ( if you can identify any of the unknown people in these pictures or if any of the people are named incorrectly.

Harvey Bowman Stafford
   Back row, L to R: Anna Laura Cherokee Robertson Stafford, *Mary Edna Sadler - Stafford, Harvey Bowman Stafford, Mary Stafford Front row, L to R: *Katherine Stafford - Brown, Ray Stafford's wife, Rev. Ray Stafford, *William C. Stafford is in front of Ray Stafford's wife and *Clarence Stafford is in Ray Stafford's arms, *Bobby and Jimmy Stafford are in front of Mary Stafford.
Ray C. Stafford
   Rev. Ray Stafford (holding unknown son) and Ray's wife.
Arthur and Stuart Stafford
   Left: Arthur Stafford Right: Stuart Stafford Middle, Back to front: Robert C. Carr, Jr., Herbert H. Carr, "Watt" Carr. The Carr boys are first cousins of Arthur and Stuart.
Dorothy, Ray, and Mary Stafford
   Left to Right: Dorothy Stafford, Ray Stafford, Mary Stafford
Mary Stafford
   Mary Stafford
Dorothy Stafford
   Dorothy Stafford


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