James Romulus Stafford

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James Romulus Stafford
   James Romulus Stafford and his wife, Fannie Mae Brown abt. 1900
James Romulus Stafford's Home Place
   The home was built in 1918. A saw mill was built on the property to cut the word for the structure and the brick was brought in from Roanoke. The four youngest children were born in this house. Robert Brown Stafford was the last one.
Fannie Mae Brown's Homeplace
   Fannie Mae Brown's homeplace was located between Bane and Staffordsville. The structure burned abt 1996.
Jarmes' Farm
   Picture taken from behind James' home.
James Romulus Stafford
   This picture was taken about 1940.
   He was a school teacher (liberal arts), school principal at Pearisburg and Narrows, and clerk of the school board (Giles County, Virginia).
Robert Brown Stafford
   Seventh Grade Picture (Pearisburg, Virginia)
Robert Brown Stafford
   High School Picture (Pearisburg, Va. High School)
Robert Brown Stafford
   Robert was in Company A, 20th Armored Division, 8th Armored Infantry Battalion from 1943 until 1946. He was located in Tennessee, France, Belgium, Holland and was in Salzburg, Austria at the war's end.
Robert, Betsy, Jeff Stafford
   November, 1944. Betsy Stafford and Chester Jefferson Stafford (father is Chester Jefferson, Sr.)
Robert Brown Stafford
   Can you identify him?
Jeff Stafford
   Chester Jefferson Stafford - In Memory of a Special Person The Republican Party in Southwest Virgini today is mourning the loss of one of its leaders, Del. C. Jefferson Stafford, of Giles County, who died early this morning at his home after a bout with Pancreatic cancer. He was 51 years old. Stafford represented Pulaski County in the General Assembly for half of his almost 20 years of service. He was the second ranking Republican in terms of seniority in the House of Delegates. Known for his youthful appearance and conservative philosophy of government, in 1984 Stafford ran unsuccessfully for the U.S. House of Representatives seat in the Ninth Congressional District against incumbent Congressman Rick Boucher. As was noted by former Pulaski County GOP Chairman Rod Layman, Stafford carried Pulaski County by a large margin in that congressional race. "He was well known and well liked here. Even after he was gerry-mandered out of the district he kept in close contact." The Southwest Times Pulaski County's Hometown Newspaper Since 1906 July 24, 1990
Jeanette, Robert, Betty, Bryce
   My thanks to Robert, Betty, Jeanette, Bryce, and Andy for the wonderful hospitality extended to me today. We spent the day talking about the past, present, and future. We shared stories, pictures, and each other to learn more about our families and ourselves. One point that can not be understated was the meal that we shared. Betty made a stew that was made in the old fashion way. I ate so much that I nearly cracked a rib. I can't think of many days that can top those that are spent with family. Thank you for sharing it with me. Larry Allen Stafford


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