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John Rutter Stafford
Enlisted on April 16, 1862 with his brothers Adam Fleming Stafford, David Chapman Stafford, and James E. Stafford. Captured at Winchester, September 19, 1864. POW at Point Lookout, Maryland and exchanged March 15, 1865. Paroled June 14, 1865. He was 5'10" tall, brown eyes, brown hair. Died September 2, 1924 and he is buried at Wesley Chapel in Giles County, Virginia. 
 Photographed by: Unknown
 Photograph taken on: 4/1/62
TSGT Roland Eaton
Tsgt. Roland Cook Eaton, born 11-20-1930 died 5-30-1988 Retired USAF, Veteran of Korean and Vietnam War.  
 Photographed by: Unknow
 Photograph taken on: 1/22/99
Patrick I. Eaton
Patrick I. Eaton was in the USAF from March 1958/December 1961. Stationed at Lackland AFB Texas, Myrtle Beach AFB, SC and Elmendorf AFB Anchorage Alaska.  
 Photographed by: Unknow
 Photograph taken on: 3/1/58
Gary Stafford
This is Gary Stafford, my brother-in-law who was in the USAF from 1956-1960. He is the son of Martin Lewey Stafford and Glenna Johnston Stafford and owns and lives on the farm that was originally owned by James Stafford and wife Nancy Eaton, Edward Stafford and Kiziah Mitchell, John J. Stafford and wife Margarette Jane Johnston, William Alexander Stafford and wife Mary Eula Barger, Martin Lewey Stafford and Glenna Johnston. This farm has been in the Stafford name for 6 generations.  
 Photographed by: Patrick I. Eaton
 Photograph taken on: 1/22/56
Alderman Clifton Stafford
Alderman Clifton Stafford is Edward Luther Haynes Stafford's brother. This picture was taken during World War I, location unknown. It is known that Clifton served in the medical corp in France. 
 Photographed by: Glenna Ellen Johnston-Stafford
 Photograph taken on: 9/21/99
Alderman Clifton Stafford
Larry Allen Stafford's great uncle 
 Photographed by: Tony Eaton
 Photograph taken on: 9/21/99
John Robert Stafford
John Robert Stafford, abt 1941. He served in the US Army in World War II in North Africa, Sicily, and Italy. 
 Photographed by: Army Photo
 Photograph taken on: 1/10/41
Larry Allen Stafford
Picture taken after completing the United States Coast Guard boot camp at Cape May, New Jersey. 
 Photographed by: US Coast Guard Boot Camp Picture
 Photograph taken on: 7/15/69
Erich E. (Pete) Stafford
Lt. United States Navy 
 Photographed by: Naval Picture
 Photograph taken on: 2/19/70
David Michael Bryant
Dave served in Desert Storm. 
 Photographed by: USAF
 Photograph taken on: 7/24/00

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