John Rutter Stafford's General Ledger

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[Note: Bracketed items are assumptions made by Larry A. Stafford. Otherwise, all entry is as it is read from John Rutter Stafford's General Ledger.]

W. Hamblin in Acts with J. R. Stafford March the 31 1891    
1 Coffin for child 3.00  
T. H. Stafford in Acts with J. R. Stafford February the 1 1896    
[Tyler Hoge Stafford]    
Making one coffin for Baby 1.50  
Cr by 75 cts worth of work   0.75
Going to Burton & Eggelson after trim   0.75
T. H. Stafford Has Setle this Acount June the 4 1896 to this date 1.50 1.50
Novem 15 1 coffin for wife 11.00  
[Laura B. Sands]    
May the 11 Cr by cash 1897   0.53
Cr By Cash   5.00
Cr By Cash   3.00
January the 15 1898 this acount had bin seteld and Paid up to this Date    

Last Updated on 1/19/99
By Larry A. Stafford