Thessalia United Methodist Church out on Sugar Run

Carol Godwin wrote to me and gave me the following information. "James Mitchell Stafford lived out on Sugar Run across the creek from the Thessalia Methodist Church. When we were there a few years ago the old house was in ruins and empty. It is called "the Robertson House" by those living in the area now, but originally it belonged to the Staffords. James Mitchell Stafford is buried on the hill across from the church along with Laura French. James has two markers. One is alomost at the rear fence on the left-hand side. It reads: In my father's house are many mansions J.M. Stafford Born April 15 1824 Died Jane 30 1895 There is also a big family marker that reads: Laura J. George T. P. 1840-1921 1874-1890 J. Mitchell William Bascom 1824-1895 1860-1890

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