Eaton Collection

Joseph Eaton Stafford Family, 1869
   Joseph Eaton Stafford & Susan Savannah Martin Stafford; Back: Ellen Saffrona Stafford (Meador); Front standing: Flora L. Stafford (Allen); Little girl: Lizzie Jane Stafford (Johnston); 1869
Gathering for the Stafford Reunion
   First row: C.C. Eaton, Dr. Thomas Albert Stafford, Elizabeth (Stafford) Eaton, Garland Reid Stafford; Second row: Elizabeth Stafford, Malissia Stafford Eaton, Marian Stafford; Third row: Walter Edward (Eddie) Stafford, Tom Eaton, Ann Eaton, Tim Eaton. They were all together for the Stafford Reunion in 1961.
Frank Eaton Stafford and Pearl Thompson Stafford.
   Frank Eaton Stafford, his brother James Stafford, Hoge Robertson and Daily Stafford were the founders of the Stafford Reunion in 1938. (Patrick I. Eatons grandparents)
Garland Reid Stafford and Tony Eaton
   Garland Reid Stafford and Tony Eaton at the Stafford reunion.
James J.S Stafford's Home
   Home of James J.S. Stafford.
John Rutter Stafford's home
   John Rutter Stafford's home (1895), Trigg, Va.
John Rutter Stafford with his grand children 1908.
   Back row (L to R): Clifton Stafford, Byron Peters, Mary Etta Stafford, Haynes Stafford (head is clipped off) Middle row: Kenneth Peters, Oren Peters, John Rutter Stafford, Garland Stafford, Wiley C. Peters Front row: Anna Sue Peters and Marian Stafford with cookie.
Brother Sheffey, The Mountain Evangelist
   Brother Sheffey married to Elizabeth Stafford.
Stafford Castle
   Stafford Castle in Staffordshire, England.
Early Picture of Staffordsville, Va.
   Early picture of Staffordsville, Virginia (abt. 1900).
Grist Mill, Hammer Mill, and Saw Mill
   This is a picture of the grist mill, hammer mill and saw mill at Staffordsville . This picture is probably from the late 20's or early 30's. The person in this picture is Sidney Deck.
Mill Pond
   The Mill Pond at Staffordsville in the 1930's
Mill Pond in Winter
Wesley's Chapel before 1923.
   Wesley's Chapel before 1923.
Thessalia United Methodist Church out on Sugar Run
   Carol Godwin wrote to me and gave me the following information. "James Mitchell Stafford lived out on Sugar Run across the creek from the Thessalia Methodist Church. When we were there a few years ago the old house was in ruins and empty. It is called "the Robertson House" by those living in the area now, but originally it belonged to the Staffords. James Mitchell Stafford is buried on the hill across from the church along with Laura French. James has two markers. One is alomost at the rear fence on the left-hand side. It reads: In my father's house are many mansions J.M. Stafford Born April 15 1824 Died Jane 30 1895 There is also a big family marker that reads: Laura J. George T. P. 1840-1921 1874-1890 J. Mitchell William Bascom 1824-1895 1860-1890
J. Hoge Robertson and Mrs. C.E. Higgs
   J. Hoge Robertson and Mrs. C.E.Higgs from Indinia both have passed away.
Dr. Thomas Albert Stafford
   Dr. T. A. Stafford at Patrick Eaton's home.
Dr. T. A. Stafford
   Dr. T A Stafford, Frank E. Stafford, Rev. Garland Reid Stafford, Chester J. Stafford, son of James Stafford and nephew of Frank Eaton Stafford. Chester served several years as moderator of the Stafford Reunion and also served several years as Commonwealths Attorney for Giles County, Virginia. Picture taken at reunion August 1955
Elizabeth Stafford Eaton
   This is my Mother and her twin sister malissia and cousins that came to the Stafford Reunion.
Farley Kettle
   Thomas Farley, my g-g-g-g-grandparents; Thomas Farley, Jr., my g-g-g-grandparents; James Munsey Stafford (1-27-1806/1894) wife Judith Clay Farley (1805-1885), my g-g grandparents; Thomas Jefferson Stafford (4-10-1845/1916) wife Malissia Johnston, my great grandparents; Frank Eaton Stafford (5-17-1880/8-30-1960) wife Effie Pearl Thompson (6-24-1884/9-27-1954), my Grandparents; and Malissa Stafford Eaton (8-14-1995), my aunt
Marion, Elizabeth, and Garland Reid Stafford
   Marion, Garlands sister, Elizabeth, Garlands wife, and Garland Reid Stafford
Staffordsville Sign
Dr. C.E.Stafford's Funeral
Dr. Daniel Hoge Stafford
Berton School
Wabash Academy 1914


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